many species can be therapy animals

Could your pet be a therapy animal?
We'll help you through the process!

Who We Are:  We are a local Pet Partners group serving the greater Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA area and beyond with therapy animals.

What We Do:  We enrich lives and promote health and happiness through visits with our therapy animals, and recruit and mentor new therapy animal teams to serve our communities.

Where We Visit:  Our therapy animal teams visit a wide variety of facilities including schools, libraries, businesses, assisted living homes, dental offices, hospitals, and hospices.

How to Get Started:  If you have a big heart, a little spare time and a well-behaved dog or other animal, click on Become a Team to learn about the training and steps necessary to become a registered therapy animal team.

Please let us know what we can do to help you!

Peter Christensen
President, Columbia River Pet Partners
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Serving all types of facilities

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